2017-06-02 16.18.16.jpg

There are few things in life that make me happier than making. I used to resist identifying myself as crafty. Maybe I thought it was nerdy. Maybe I thought it wasn't a "worthy" enough passion. Maybe I didn't recognize the life-giving energy it gave me. Whatever it was, it took me a while to know that I needed to intentionally make space for this. Whenever I come back to making after a period of time without, I am reminded of how vital it is for me.

This was a project I did because I wanted to combine multiple craft skills and use supplies that I already had. I took fabric scraps and sewed them together. I then made a giant stamp using acrylic and craft foam. I printed the fabric with the stamp, and secured the fabric around a shoe box top with hot glue to create a canvas looking art piece. Sewing, lettering, cutting, gluing, fabric printing, and repurposing are the stuff my dreams are made of.

 I chose the words “Make Something” kind of as a yoga practice. I’ll call it craft-asana. ;) There’s something powerful about setting an intention for your life and combining it with movement. My manifestation is making and creating. It not only helps me embody the goals I want to achieve, but remains a tangible artifact and reminder to continue my practice.