Assistive devices are tools that help people perform a particular task. There are a myriad of adaptive aids and assistive devices on the market. 

I look at what is commercially available and modify, hack, or completely redesign to meet the needs of the individual client.  



Spinning toy.jpg

Toys become therapeutic when they're used to facilitate particular movements or skills. 

Sometimes the sparks fly and I get motivated to make a toy to work on a specific skill. I try to add as many components of the functional task as possible and incorporate ways to make it easier or more difficult to find that "just-right challenge".



Splints are used to immobilize or support a joint. There are pre-fabricated splints and custom hand orthotics. 

I use thermoplastics to make custom hand splints. I focus on function, comfort, and aesthetics. I use traditional techniques and experiment with process and design.