SF City Skyline


I had the immense desire to make something. I didn’t have a real plan of what I wanted the end product to be, but I used supplies that I had and started to make.

The San Francisco skyline has always been a smile-making vision to me, especially as I make the daily commute back to the city after a long day. I had already made some of these large stamps out of plexiglass and 2 layers of sticky back craft foam. I used a heated x-acto knife to cut out the details. I used a brayer to roll the paint on the stamps and then pressed it onto the material.

Now I have 4 buildings printed on material. I’m not sure what to do with them exactly. I’ve considered framing them individually or cutting them out to sew onto a bigger piece of material with other “buildings” made out of various fabric rectangles. But in this case, it doesn’t matter. I just needed to mix color and get paint on my hands.