Dining Aids


I’m trying to work on utensil grasp patterns with a kiddo. My intention with these aids is not for them to use always, but to use them as tactile and visual cues on how to place their hands on the fork and knife in a more effective way. 

I made a triangle handle for a knife using Aquaplast. I formed the triangle using a cast cutting strip, which was just the right width I was looking for. I always try to find objects which can facilitate the form that I’m shaping. In this case I wrapped the knife in place using athletic tape to form a triangle. I formed the Aquaplast around it. Before it completely hardened again I removed it and massaged out any bumps. I placed 3/8″ open cell blue padding on the inside back wall and closed off the end of it to allow the knife to slide in and out.

For the fork, I melted Aquaplast pellets to form a place for the index finger to rest and attached a built up foam handle. 

I’m hoping that these tools will assist visually, tactilely and facilitate the development of the arches of the hand.

DIY Shoehorn


This is an adaptive shoe aid I made for a client who was unable to bend their knee. We tried a long handled shoe horn and a foot funnel, but neither worked. I used Aquaplast to make a combination of the two. I’ve used it with several of my clients since. This is a picture of a Polaroid, which explains why the quality of the photo is so bad.